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At Føderommet in Trondheim we offer several classes and activities in English. In adition all of our midwives and doulas are happy to support you and your family in English.

Baby Massage Class


Baby massage is a wonderful way to spend time with your baby. It feels really nice, and it also has a list of benefits for your baby.

In 1 hour you learn different baby massage techniques that can help with colic and gassiness, give better sleep and strengthen the bond between baby and caregiver.

The class is suitable from newborn, until the baby becomes mobile.

 Monthly class in English.

Price 550,- (for 1 baby and 1-2 caregivers)

1 hour

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Birthing class for couples


Birth might be the most important event in your life. It's a great labor - both bodily and mentally that we carry with us for the rest of our lives.

Through this birthing class you gain the tools you need to feel safe and to give birth on your own terms.

After the class you know excactly how you can use breathing to your advantage, the birthing positions that will help advance your birth and the methods of natural pain relief you can make use of.

Class in English every other month.

Price 1.499,- (per couple)

3 hours

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Spinning Babies® Birth Preparation Class


Spinning Babies® is an approach to birth that helps create balance in the body to create more room for the baby.

You'll learn basic techniques to give you more comfort in pregnancy and ease in birth.

For this class you will need to bring a support person - this can be your partner or someone else who can help you practice the tecniques at home.

Doula Anette is one of only two instructors in Norway who is certified to teach this class.

Class in English every other month.

Price 1.799,- (for you and a partner)

3 hours

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